Treatment Type UnitPrice in Thai BahtPrice in USD (approx)No. of Visit(s)Estimated Duration of Stay (Days) 
Check up, treatment plan and consultationvisitFreeFree11
Cleaning, Scaling & Polishing    Visit15005011
X-ray Films
Periapical film (small dental film)film2001011
Panoramic (big full mouth x-ray: digital)film8003011
Cephalometric (big profile x-ray: digital)film8003011
3D CT ScanArea3000100011
Filling Replacments (Tooth coloured material)
Dental Fillingssurface10003511
Base/Sub-base or LA for Fillings (only if required)            syringe100511
Teeth Whitening
Tooth Whiteningcase800027011
Home Tooth Bleachingcase800027011
Porcelain fused to standard alloycrown80002702-33-7
Porcelain fused to palladium metalcrown120004002-33-7
Porcelain fused to  gold metal alloy*crown240008002-33-7
All Ceramic eMaxcrown120004002-33-7
3M Lava All Ceramicscrown160005402-310
Cercon Smart Ceramicscrown160005402-37
Porcelain Veneer : IPS Estheticsveneer100003402-33-7
Porcelain Veneer : IPS eMaxveneer100003402-33-7
Super-thin Veneerveneer100003402-33-7
Composite Veneersveneer50001703-4
Endodontic Dentistry Root Canal Treatment
Anterior toothtooth50001701-35-7
Premolar toothtooth60002001-310-14
Molar toothtooth120004002-410-14
Oral Surgery
Tooth Extraction(Simple)tooth10004011
Tooth Extraction(complex)tooth25008511
Prosthodontic Dentistry
Resin Base Denture : 1st teethplate30001003-43-5
Metal Frame Denture : 1st teethplate80002703-43-6
Each Additional Tooth on Denture Plate-80030--
Acrylic Resin Full denturejaw3000010004-514
Fix Metal Bracescase600002000--
Clear Braces - Ceramic or Tooth-Colored Bracescase1000003400--
Self-Ligating Braces - Damon /3M Gemini)case1000003400--
Clear Self-Ligating Braces - Damon Clear/ 3M Clarity SLcase1000003400--
Invisalign i7case2000006700--
Invisalign Litecase30000010000--
Treatment TypeUnitImplant Fee in THBImplant Fee in USD (approx)Standard Crown PFM(palladium) in THA
Standard Crown PFM(palladium) Fee in USD (approx)No. of Visit(s)
Dental Implants
Fees quoted per implant is already  inclusive of both stages of implant post, abutment, crown, local anesthesia & surgery fees. 
Titanium Implants - Normal Surface
Titanium Implants - Active Surface   (Active surfaces enables quicker bone osseointegrations)
Nobel Biocare NobelActiveimplant8000027002-4
Full Jaw Implants
Full Jaw Denturescase240000080000